INFRARED PANELS for bathrooms

 The bathroom is one of the most problematic rooms due to the high humidity in the air. This makes it difficult to choose such wall decorations for the interior that will be
resistant to moisture.
The original solution is bathroom infrared heaters, which combine elegant design and functionality. They have been designed in such a way as to evenly heat the entire room in a way that is completely safe for health.
Ceramic infrared panels has not only a fashionable and elegant design, but also they are a solution that will allow you to cut the heating costs, thanks to the low
power consumption.
Bathroom infrared heating panels are a modern solution that will be perfect, above all, in demanding interiors, such as a bathroom. The heating mat, which is responsible for heat emission, has been placed between the plates, therefore the infrared heater is a safe option for families with young children who are naturally curious. Thanks to the high-gloss finish, the infrared heating panel will make the interior more elegant. We especially recommend using such a heater in glamorous or Scandinavian-style bathrooms. Thanks to cyclical operation, the infrared panel heats up only to the maximum set temperature, then turns off and on only when the sensor detects a drop in heat.* Our products are covered by a five-year warranty, in accordance with the CE certificate.
We guarantee quality that is adequate to the price of the device

* Via built-in or external thermostat.

Infrared panel for bathroom
Infrared heater with button
Infrared panel for bathroom
Infrared heater with thermostat