About us

 We are a company that sales representative of infrared heating system in Poland. We strive to provide our clients with the best solutions available on the market, which allow to significantly reduce the costs of energy intended for optimal and comfortable indoor temperature, and at the same time are almost completely maintenance-free. We offer high-quality infrared heaters.
Our products allow you to build a complete heating system in almost every area of construction – starting from single-family houses, through service premises, to hospitals and industrial halls. We also provide advice on the selection of appropriate systems and adjusting them to the individual needs of customers.
Our offer is directed to individual and wholesale clients, as well as to architectural offices and construction companies.
Many designs allow our products to perfectly fit into any interior design e.g.rustic, Scandinavian, vintage, as well as adapt the design to many modern interior arrangements.
We invite you to be with us!

panele grzewcze, ogrzewanie na podczeriwień, grzejniki na podczerwień