In small or large interiors, it is difficult to maintain the optimal internal temperature. This problem occurs in hospitals, schools, clinics, but also in large offices and production halls. How to fix it? Infrared ceiling panels are a solution that will allow you to achieve and maintain the optimal temperature in the interior. It works well both as a stand-alone heating system and as additional heating, especially in offices and schools. Due to the fact that the infrared radiator, while heating the interior, directs all the heat to the floor, infrared ceiling heaters are an ideal solution that can replace air conditioning, which has a built-in hot air supply. Infrared radiation, unlike air conditioners, is completely safe for health. Made of high-quality aluminum with a powder coating, infrared heating panels can be hung on any structure up to 3 m high. The heater can be installed in various options: on a frame, on an Armstrong suspended ceiling or on ropes. An infrared panel with a power of 500W is enough to heat an area of approx. 10 m2 on your own, with support and good insulation up to approx. 15 m2. An infrared heating panel with a power of 1000W is enough to heat an area of approx. 18 m2 on your own, with support and good insulation up to approx. 25 m2. Each infrared heater available in our offer is covered by a 3-year warranty, in accordance with the CE certificate.

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ceiling infrared heaters


Installation armstrong
Option nr 2. Installation on an Armstrong
Otion nr 3. Installation on ropes