Glass infrared heaters

 Glass infrared heaters are ultra-thin, made of 6 mm thick tempered glass. Tempered glass is one of the most durable materials available on the market today, which makes glass infrared panels extremely resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. Infrared heating is similar to sunlight. They create waves which, when they come into contact with any surface, warm it up. Infrared heating panels are completely safe for health. Their modern and elegant design makes them fit into almost any decor of any interior. The glass heating panel is perfect for heating rooms with unfavorable conditions, such as high air humidity or high temperatures.
A glass infrared heater is best for the kitchen and bathroom, properly positioned within a few minutes, it will evenly distribute heat throughout the interior. A characteristic feature of infrared panels is low power consumption, thanks to adjustable heating cycles. After reaching the maximum set temperature, the heater automatically turns off and turns on only when the temperature drop is noted. Our offer includes infrared heaters in black, white and mirror versions. They are very easy and simple to assemble, you can mount them without the use of tools. Each infrared panel available in our offer comes with a five-year warranty, in accordance with CE certificates.

Infrared heater mirror
Infrared heater mirror with thermostat
Infrared heater mirror black
Infrared heater black with button
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