Infrared heaters

Panel na podczerwień lustro

Infrared panels

Łazienkowe panele na podczerwień
Sufitowe panele na podczerwień
Ceiling infrared panels
ścienne grzejniki na podczerwien
Infrared wall panels
Panele na podczerwień
Glass infrared heaters

Infrared heating

Infrared heating is becoming more and more popular due to its undisputed advantages. Innovative solutions of this type are functional, infrared heaters are reliable and efficient and fit any interior arrangement. Plus, it’s all at affordable prices!
Infrared panels are a technology ideally suited to the needs of modern people. We guarantee that our products will satisfy even the most demanding customers!
In recent years, traditional fuels used for heating houses and apartments have been slowly moving away from them because of constantly rising prices, high installation cost and maintenance. Traditional heaters are expensive and pollute the environment. For this reason, the interest in infrared heaters is increasing as it is an economical, effective, aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution.
panels can work with photovoltaics well.
This ecological heating system does not require expensive investments such as installation cost or servicing cost.
To start the infrared heating you have to adjust the appropriate heating power and connect the infrared panels to the socket, so that they can provide the user with a comfortable temperature in the interior.
he infrared heaters do not work continuously, but on a specific cycle, which is regulated by thermostats. When the room temperature reaches its maximum value, the devices turn off and restart only after the sensor responds to a drop in temperature. To set specific programs, you can use manual or electronic thermostats. The installation of infrared heating devices is very effortless, you can easily
install them yourself.
Check out our wide range of infrared panels such as: glass-ceramic infrared panels, bathroom infrared panels, infrared ceiling panels, metal infrared panels.
Make your interior elegant, warm and comfortable at any time of the year.